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What makes Neuro different?

We use thoughtfully crafted ingredients and endless lab testing to create the most effective product to enhance your state of mind. 

Unlike heat-extruded gum and mints, we use patented cold-compression technology to maintain each ingredient’s bioavailability.

You can learn more about the science behind Neuro here.

How many pieces can I have in a day?

Reports have shown that up to 400mg of caffeine appears to be safe for most healthy adults, which equals about 10 pieces of Neuro a day. We recommend taking 1-2 pieces at a time as needed.

When should I use Neuro?

Take Neuro whenever you need a little boost towards your desired state of mind, whether that means energizing up or mellowing down.

We love taking Neuro before working out, while studying, driving, and after lunch. 

How long should I keep it in my mouth to absorb all of the benefits?

Through buccal and sublingual absorption, Neuro works more quickly than if you were to drink the ingredients. Your body can absorb the effects in as little as 5 minutes, but feel free to use it for as long as you’d like.

Can I still take Neuro if I’m already taking vitamin B supplements?

Absolutely. Although Neuro provides 30% of your daily value of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and 100% of your daily value of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), it’s safe to take it with moderate amounts of other Vitamin B supplements. Anything extra will flush itself out of your system.

What is the pH level of Neuro?

Unlike coffee, Neuro has a neutral pH of 7 - the same as water!

How should I store Neuro and how long does it last?

Neuro can be stored anywhere (in your car, purse, backpack, or desk), but we recommend a cool, dry area. It has a shelf life of two years.

Where can I buy Neuro?

you can buy Neuro on this website or from any Farro Fresh, NZ muscle, Xtreme Nutrition & The Clubroom Auckland.

What are my payment options?

We accept PayPal, and most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I place an order by phone?

Yes! You can place an order at 0212014195 Monday through Friday, 9-5 NZDT. Please have your order and payment information ready.

Can I order Neuro as a gift for someone?

When ordering as a gift for someone, be sure to enter your email address to receive all summary information but enter the recipient’s name and shipping information. We’ll be sure to keep all prices and receipts out of the package.

I accidentally inputted the wrong shipping address! What should I do?

Just contact us at with the correct address, and we'll get it fixed right away!

How do I start a subscription?

On the product shop page, click on “Subscribe and Save” and choose your delivery frequency before adding the item to your cart. That’s it!

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive your tracking information in the email address associated with your order. If you haven’t received your tracking information and it has been over 2 business days, please contact us at

Can I order Neuro from outside NZ?

Only servicing NZ and Australia at this time.

When is my order shipped?

We ship all orders within 1-3 business days from the date of payment. We typically ship out the same day if the order has been placed by 12pm PST.

How long does it take to get my order?

All orders within the U.S. are considered domestic orders, and they are shipped and delivered within 5-7 business days.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use the United State Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS. To keep shipping rates down, we compare costs between these carriers and ship in the most efficient way.

How can I track my order?

We send tracking information to the e-mail address associated with your order once the item has shipped. If you have not received your tracking information and it has been over 2 business day, please contact us at

I accidentally input the wrong shipping address! What should I do?

Since the turnaround time on packages is so fast, changing an order after it’s been placed can be tricky, but contact us at with the correct address, and we'll get it fixed right away!

What if I never received my order but the carrier marked it as delivered?

If you’ve double checked your mail delivery area and home and your order is still missing, contact us at and we’ll get the issue resolved to the best of our abilities.

How do I return an item for a refund?

You have 30 days to try Neuro, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, we'll fix the issue or refund your purchase. Simply send us an email at

Then, return any unopened packs to:

Once your return is received, we’ll send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. If your refund is approved, credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within a certain amount of days.

How long does it take to see my refund?

If you haven’t received a refund after two weeks, check your bank account again. Refund processing can take up to a month in certain cases. If there are still issues, please contact us at, and we'll help you to the best of our abilities.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can customize your subscription anytime by logging into your account through the original link in the email sent to you when you placed your order. You can also log into your account and edit your preferences directly through the site. If you’re having any issues, feel free to contact us at! 

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